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Steel Buildings, Custom Garages & Carports for Commercial & Residential Applications

Our Rigid
Truss System

Weatherguard uses a welded truss system which is the ONLY way to build a lightweight structure that can span up to 40-feet, resist 100-mile-per-hour winds, support 40-pounds per square foot of snow load, and meet all building codes.

When making your purchase of a carport, garage, yard barn, or custom metal building - demand an engineered structure with a rigid welded truss - not a fake system that will go down at the first sign of heavy weather.  Click here to learn more.

Factory Direct
Weatherguard partners with well-established local retailers to display all our products - but all delivery, installation, and pricing comes directly from the factory. 

No middlemen, no retail mark-ups, no hidden charges, no sales gimmicks.

When you buy a building from Weatherguard you deal directly with us.

Weatherguard Accepts


Weatherguard is a registered trademark of Hometech Industries which is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Hometech Industries manufactures quality steel building products under the Weatherguard brand.  The company also manufactures Watertech Whirlpool Baths & Spas.

You can purchase all of our products factory direct.  Just give us a call or email us.  Thanks for visiting our web sites.

Weatherguard Engineered Buildings
Protect your valuables - demand an engineered building that meets code!

At Weatherguard we design and engineer all of our buildings and install them using factory trained employees.  Our engineered buildings meet all building codes and will withstand the worst Mother Nature can bring.

It's a sad fact, but in the freestanding carport industry, most of the units you see won't even meet the most basic building codes.  Many insurance companies won't pay a claim for storm damage caused by building collapse if the building was not installed in accordance with local building codes.

At Weatherguard, engineering is an integral part of every unit we build.  We can design, engineer, and manufacture your project to meet your local building codes and approval processes.  Our products meet or exceed virtually all building codes nationwide.  You obtain your local building permit, and we will construct your building to meet code.

Our commitment to quality is your assurance of serviceability and lasting value.  Don't risk your hard-earned money on a "copycat" building.

Weatherguard has been the industry leader for years.  We have over 25,000 building installations to our credit, and we were the first manufacturer to introduce square structural tubing, truss designs, and engineering to our industry. 

Unlike many of our competitors who use utility grades of tubing and roofing "seconds" which cannot be honestly engineered, Weatherguard uses only certified construction grade steel and first quality sheeting that can be tested and engineered to guarantee years of reliable, predictable service.


Take a look at the photo gallery below.  These are actual photos of some of our COMPETITION'S buildings.  Poorly constructed and not engineered, the owner's of these buildings suffered damage to their belongings and had to purchase a new building.  You need to protect your car, boat, camper, or belongings with a building that will withstand most of what Mother Nature has to offer.   When you've tried the rest - buy the best - an ENGINEERED carport, garage, or steel building from WEATHERGUARD!




If you're looking for a carport, garage, or specialty building, don't risk your investment dollars on a "backyard built" structure that has not been designed to meet your building codes.

At Weatherguard, "we won't build it if it won't work!"





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