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Steel Buildings, Custom Garages & Carports for Commercial & Residential Applications

Factory Direct
Weatherguard partners with well-established local retailers to display all our products - but all delivery, installation, and pricing comes directly from the factory. 

No middlemen, no retail mark-ups, no hidden charges, no sales gimmicks.

When you buy a building from Weatherguard you deal directly with us.

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Weatherguard is a registered trademark of Hometech Industries which is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Hometech Industries manufactures quality steel building products under the Weatherguard brand.  The company also manufactures Watertech Whirlpool Baths & Spas.

You can purchase all of our products factory direct.  Just give us a call or email us.  Thanks for visiting our web sites.

Product Line

Weatherguard can custom build you a building for most any need - just like this boat dock cover.  Give us a call today and let one of our professional staff members guide you through the process of designing and engineering your building.

Weatherguard offers a full-line of standard steel building products including carports, garages, yard barns, and small commercial buildings.  Weatherguard can also design, engineer, construct, and install custom buildings.  The Weatherguard product line is broken down into the following categories - simply click on the product line of your choice to learn more.  Feel free to call or email us if you have questions about your specific needs:

Weatherguard Is Better!

All of our buildings are professionally engineered and constructed.  This gives you the strongest, longest-lasting building in the industry, allowing clear spans to 40-feet and delivering value to your door. 





Our Bent Truss

Their Crushed Bend

Radius Bent Welded Truss

Our 2" x 3" frames are radius bent the hard way, maximizing tube strength (like a 2x4 on its edge).  This means they can honestly be engineered - unlike our competitors' small, think, 2"x2" frames, and crush bends.  No matter which way they bend it - it's weak.

Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing is custom made to meet code, easily spans 5-feet, and gives you 30+ pounds/foot of snow load.  Our competitors' roof material only delivers 14 pounds/foot at 5-feet span, won't meet code, and was designed to cover chicken houses.


We use double fluted hurricane anchors machine driven a full 24-inches to securely hold your unit down in the strongest winds.  Our competitors use cheap rebar "pins" driving in with a hammer that offers virtually no uplift resistance, doesn't meet code, and might allow your building to fly away when the next wind blows.

Up to 5,000-pounds of uplift resistance
per anchor.

Only 50-60 pounds of uplift resistance per anchor.

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