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Factory Direct
Weatherguard partners with well-established local retailers to display all our products - but all delivery, installation, and pricing comes directly from the factory. 

No middlemen, no retail mark-ups, no hidden charges, no sales gimmicks.

When you buy a building from Weatherguard you deal directly with us.

Weatherguard Accepts


Weatherguard is a registered trademark of Hometech Industries which is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Hometech Industries manufactures quality steel building products under the Weatherguard brand.  The company also manufactures Watertech Whirlpool Baths & Spas.

You can purchase all of our products factory direct.  Just give us a call or email us.  Thanks for visiting our web sites.

Changing the Industry...Again!

Once again, Weatherguard is changing the face of its industry by introducing our Uniframe Storage Building System.  We invented it, we engineered it, we sell it direct  and we can custom build one for you on your site in just one day!

Quality Construction!
Just like our carports and garages,
we now build America's best yard barn...period!


All Welded
Uniframe Construction

We start with 2" x 3" galvanized tube floor system -- welded -- not screwed together which makes the strongest, longest-lasting floor system in the industry.  No "squeaks", no "give", no coming apart in a few years, no failures of any kind.


We frame the rafter system with an
 industry leading 2" x 2" galvanized steel tube frame welded and then screwed
to the floor system. 


Next, we screw down a full 3/4 inch 50-year
treated wood floor. 


The uniframe skeleton is then covered with first quality, 20-year guaranteed galvalume sheet,
your choice of color, and finished out with deluxe trim, weather stripping, and a five-foot wide
roll-up door with 6' 4" of headroom - just like the mini-storage projects use.


Weatherguard builds your Yard Barn on site with prefabricated components from the factory - so no matter how "tight" your site,
if there's room for the building, we'll get it in there.


Compare These Features - Before You Buy!

No door to catch the wind and get sprung off it's hinges, no wood to rot, no nails to pull out, no shingles to fly off, and no siding to paint every few years. 

We build an honest to goodness 20 year guaranteed storage pod you can put in the backyard or behind
the store that's steel tough, looks good, and
will keep possessions dry and
secure for decades.

Don't buy a cheap wooden building
that'll only last a few years at best and which you'll have to constantly
maintain and worry about.

Unlike wood, America's Best Yard Barn won't rot, burn, attract insects, leak, smell musty, or fade in the summer sun.

Maintenance Free!!


America's Best Yard Barn

Wooden Storage Buildings just became obsolete!

Give us a call or email us today and find out just how quickly we
can have a Yard Barn in your backyard!

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